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The Artisan Tortilla Maker on Kickstarter! Fresh Tortillas at the Touch of a Button. Geld für flatev – The Artisan Tortilla Maker auf Kickstarter!

Enter the Flatev, which has been dubbed by many as the Keurig of tortillas. Flatev brands itself as an artisan tortilla maker, which is somewhat . Make organic, fresh tortillas at home everyday at the touch of a button.

Introducing the first at-home, artisan tortilla maker. The new way to prepare traditional tortillas at home. Flatev has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its pod-based tortilla maker. Using a dough po you can have fresh tortillas in less than two . Like a gift from above, a recent Kickstarter campaign is working to develop what is essentially an instant tortilla machine.

I certainly had my doubts, eating a tortilla that came out of a po but or. Now the company’s a few days into a highly successful Kickstarter . Flatev has created a fresh tortilla maker that enables you to cook the perfect. Kickstarter to help cover manufacturing .

The Flatev, which just launched on Kickstarter, works like both an. The machine is extremely cool-looking, and as a tortilla proponent, I’m . So you have to buy the pre-made, probably much too expensive and processe tortilla’s and the machine heats them up. Nachdem uns der Juicero bereits zeigte, welch abgefahrene Ideen in Amerika verwirklicht werden, wurde auf Kickstarter nun eine Kampagne . I know store-bought tortillas aren’t exactly a wallet vacuum, and making them yourself won’t really save any money, but if Flatev’s claims are to . Production Series of flatev machines will be delivered for our Kickstarter . Is the Flatev, an instant-tortilla maker, the greatest thing since sliced.

Kickstarter with a $100goal, Ruiz says. Only days left to get flatev, The Artisan Tortilla Maker on #Kickstarter! Still, even setting all of that aside, who seriously has room in their kitchen for a dedicated pod-based tortilla maker that is . When you absolutely, positively, need a fresh tortilla right now.