Hattori knives

Ichiro Hattori, years old craftsman, was involved with knife making at the age of when he joined his father’s knife company Masahiro. Master Hattori, the Stubborn Craftsman who Never Compromises to any quality issues. Masterpiece of Cowry X Special Damascus Knives (KD Series),Premium .

Best Selling,very hot Hattori HD Series Damascus Kitchen Knives. Total layers of beautiful VG-Nickel Damascus Blade. Premium Knife Maker Hattori’s High-End Chef knives made of Japan’s great stainless steel VG-10. Over years of his knife making experiences, skills and fine .

Ichiro Hattori (Born 1939- 服部 維知郎)is a renowned knife maker in the city of Seki, Gifu Prefecture Japan. Weiteres Bild meldenMelde das anstößige Bild. In 19Hattori made a 25th Anniversary limited edition of knives based on.

Hattori makes a limited edition version of one of his models each year either in . We have been in knife business over 60years in Seki-City Japan, known as a capital. Hattori KD-seriesThis fix-blade is one of Hattori’s best selling knives. Sell by subscription (Sold out now.) We are having a continuous delivery problem on the Hattori knives, because of the far demands than they can produce.

We now offer some of the finest knives in all the world. Hattori brand knives from Seki-Japan are incredible pieces of cutlery.

Hattori Ichiro : His fine works is recognized in the world market as the custom quality knives with the detailed hand works. This reputation came from his nature to . With jeweler’s magnifying glasses, he inserted a micro pin into the body of a $5folding knife. Most recent purchase is this KD30-371 a blade Cowry-X Damascus version of the . I was all ready to purchase my first Japanese chef’s knife (the Hattori HD-Gyuto 210mm) until receiving some advice/warnings from a retailer . Maker: Hattori (click to see more by this maker) Product line: Hattori – Cowry X (click to see more in this line) Item nu1418.

Also known as the maruyoshi HD gyuto,this is a western style chef’s knife made from vgsteel hardened to. Visit us to buy Japanese kitchen knives from an exclusive and carefully selected range of stunning chefs knives. Ichiro Hattori started to be involved with knife making at the age of when he joined his father’s knife company Masahiro. This is the Maruyoshi Bonten H which is made by Ryusen for Maruyoshi and is also sold as the Hattori HD.

Maruyoshi Bonten/Hattori HD VGgyuto knife.